A simple arcade game for Weekly Game Jam 154 Theme: Rock Paper Scissors

Works best on mobile where you can tap and the main player moves to the horizontal position of that tap. 

You also don't have to release your finger.

Keyboard and gamepad also works.

The game.zip is 11004 bytes, which made this a good code warmup for js13k.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, Arcade, Lo-fi, Retro
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got to 110 haha. Very fun little game!

Cool game, got to 84 :D

I like the effects! Great game

Nice game! just lower the sound

maybe the vibration is a little intense... I feel dizzy while playing. other that is cool!

This idea is simular to mine lol.

Allright! Have to check that out 👀 


Nice game, but can you add keyboard/joypad input for those playing on a computer?

Didn't cross my mind. I'll see what i can do after work tonight...

Fixed it!