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Voidcrab is challenging lo-fi pixel-art platformer.

You play as a mechanical crab that wants to reach solid ground. Along the way you collect crystals, while not trying to fall into the dreadful void.

The controls are very simple:

Arrows to move.
Space bar to jump.
Esc for menu and stats.


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voidcrab-mac-osx.zip 29 MB
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one of my favs to play when I'm too ill to do anything else. the crab is cute and the minimal visual design/colorscheme is so pretty. the game is very challenging but for some reason I find it kind of soothing, even when I die 200 times in a row before getting to the next level. I don't lose patience with this one like I do with most games so I can keep on trying until I get it right.

it's hard to keep track of where in the 'maze' you've already been sometimes so a map would be nice, but I guess that's part of the challenge.

one thing, do you lose your game progress if you restart your computer? I feel like this has happened to me but it might have been a mistake on my part!


Thanks for all the nice feedback.

I am a little hesitant to bring in the map feature, because in certain rooms it could indeed spoil the challenge.

Normally when you exit the game and come back the crab should be where he entered the last room for the last time. However you can reset that from the menu by hitting the n-key (new prototype). Maybe you accidentally did that?

Very pretty but I either reached the end or couldn't find my way anymore.

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Thank you for playing my game.

Unfortunately you did not reach the end of the game. The end of the game is when you've reached solid ground, which looks noticeably different from the rest of the game. If you jump on the 'Lange Nelle' there will literally appear a message 'Mission complete'!

There are actually 2 clues which should help you further. One is a text that says something about a 'higher ceiling', the other one is a visual clue, which should't be to difficult to find because everything is smooth and flat