dead sticks

'dead sticks' is an abstract and minimalistic puzzle game with physics based on verlet integration.

'dead sticks' comes from 'dead stick landing' which means landing an aircraft when the engine broke down.

The sticks are connected through three types of joints represented by circles:

  • fixed + clickable
  • fixed + not clickable
  • not fixed + not clickable

When you click the first type, it comes loose and the stick starts swinging. The second type can only become unfixed by touching it with another circle.

The goal is to let all the sticks fall off the screen. Only then you can proceed to the next puzzle.

Updated 17 days ago
Made withPhaser
TagsAbstract, Minimalist, Physics, Touch-Friendly
Average sessionA few minutes


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nice game, would be nice if it were longer, but the idea is uniqe and realy fun ^^

it would be great if a zoom function would be build in

thanx for the positive feedback. I’m planning on creating a longer version that could be released on some mobile appstore someday.

Sounds nice ^^ i would pay for it :3 i think on android it would be some more intuitive, but i think even there you need a zoom funktion. these displays are even mor smaler xD

Maybe i should also note that the click area is a little larger then the circles themselves, you can check it with your mouse on desktop by slowly going near the circle ;)

lol, youre right :D i tryed to hit the middlepoint every time xD