P.S.: The Web Monetization Bonus Algorithm is open source https://github.com/Quinten/malpertuus/commit/5dafcb2e1cab3009f6d4c4d7b26ea2ae1bc...

StatusIn development
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Made withPhaser, Pyxel Edit, Tiled
Tags2D, Exploration, Incremental, jumping, Metroidvania, Minimalist, Non violent, Pixel Art
Code licenseMIT License
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need a map

Nice animation, sound, and physics!


at first i was like "oh boy, 499 to go? this is gonna take a while" and then i went from room to room and more and more appeared i laughed. dunno why it was so comical to me.


Plot twist: The player was so drunk that he started hallucinating that the first level was repeated every day.

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I looked up the translation of "Malpertuus" (I won't spoil it tho :P). The game's about alcoholism, right? How you just kind of stumble upon it, but the more you find it, the more it finds you, until it's eventually inescapable.

At least, that's what I've interpreted it as. Please let me know if I'm close!


Malpertuus is the name of an underground fortress from a medieval novel. It is also the name of one of my favourite paintings.

See also https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malpertuus

It is not directly about alcoholism, but rather about people who have to search rubbish bins for empty bottles and exchange them for deposit money at supermarkets in order to make some money. An empty bottle is 0,10 cents in my country... So collecting 500 of them a day would make 50 euro. 50 x 30 is the minimum wage 1500. I have to note that nothing special happens on day 30 of the game. There is no real end in the game...


I completely agree with the point mentioned by Wizard9000, that after one point of time it's really boring, and there's no point in doing so. Therefore, it would be better to make sure the game progression is good enough to retain players for a longer gameplay session. The level design could have been better and the game pacing needs to be bumped up more. 

Personally I don't think it matters wether the game is boring or not. Although its very well made, I think the creator's intention is more to convey a message rather than actually provide super captivating gameplay


A message without holding up players to play the game has no point. Whatever the intention is, the ultimate goal of any product is to make users stick to it to the last. 

Never thought about it as a product...


I walked around, collecting bottles. I guess this is what the game is about.But then I suddenly found a place beteew to "rooms" that made it possible to grind. Walk from one room to another, collect bottle, walk back again, more bottles in the same room I had taken all seconds before, walk back, even more bottles in the room that was empty before. I lost the interest to explore, when I could just grind the bottles between these two rooms... So, maybe a bug?

It is intentional...