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Nutty Twins

rob the bank without guns

Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 44 Jam. Theme: Your life is currency

Use keyboard or gamepad or both.

Instructions are in the game. Press I or Y to toggle them in any level. 


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Awesome concept!

I love the mechanics of the game but I think the controls could be improved on a little -- often I forget which button resets which char and then have to redo what I was trying to do, so maybe offer the user the ability to change the controls.

Otherwise it is an awesome idea for a game! (Wish there were more levels)

Hi, thanks for the feedback!

As the developer i also messed up the controls a lot when playing my own game. In the post jam version i am making the place where they respawn will be indicated by a small letter 'b' and 'x' (very subtle in the background). Since i added that fix i haven't messed up the controls anymore. Off course i will still have to test it with the playtesters.


Wow what a great game!

The mechanics are really funky and fiddly. I think it's a bit frustrating to be honest. But I like that it's totally original and I think the puzzles are difficult and interesting. 

Overall I liked it a lot.


Thanks ;)