Quickly generate 8X8 pixel tilesets

Generated tileset license: CC0

Mentioning @supernapie in the credits is appreciated, but not required.

Source code is available on Github. Please file bug reports and feature requests there.

If you have inspiration for a pattern, feel free to submit a pull request. Guidelines are in the Github readme.

Inspired by pixeldudesmaker

Development log


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le même ;)

omg. mind blown actually.

Oh, this one is very lovely:

It is cool that you have both precise settings and a randomizer. A preview is cool as well. Inspiring.

Glad you like it ;)

It'd be great if the seed for that was quickly copy&pasteable :D


Yep, good idea. A shareable url is on the todo list...

Thanks for sharing. It's a really great tool. 

You are welcome ;)

This is the thing I said when I saw this 



Amazing! Love it! <3


Thanks! It was inspired by your pixeldudesmaker and it’s clean ui. There should be more tools like that...

(3 edits) (+2)

In turn you inspired me to build https://0x72.itch.io/tilesetssplitter this morning.


Your turn now ;P


The splitter worked great on my browser :D

I'll let you know if i created a response ;)