Unmatch is a puzzle game where you make combinations of 3 tiles with completely matching or unmatching shapes, colors or number of shapes. Complete the tutorials and unlock a level editor, to make your own levels and beat your own highscore.

v0.0.2 update

  • fixed preloader
  • startscreen now correctly goes to leveleditor (if unlocked)
  • 1 point is subtracted from your score when making a wrong blind guess
  • added a trash button to reset your progress and scores

Published Mar 11, 2018
Made withPhaser
TagsEndless, Level Editor, match3, Minimalist, Relaxing
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen


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It gets really hard to match the combinations when you reach the multicolor level. Luckily there is a customization option to adjust the game to your own playstyle and eventually the game itself will advise you when you run out of time. I wonder if in possible future release there can be something like custom grid in options to make even more complicated levels.

Interesting. Do you mean a custom grid size or a custom grid shape?