Unmatch is a puzzle game where you make combinations of 3 tiles with completely matching or unmatching shapes, colors or number of shapes. Complete the tutorials and unlock a level editor, to make your own levels and beat your own highscore.

v0.0.2 update

  • fixed preloader
  • startscreen now correctly goes to leveleditor (if unlocked)
  • 1 point is subtracted from your score when making a wrong blind guess
  • added a trash button to reset your progress and scores


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Isn't it inspired by the Set card game? ;)
Anyways, what a fantastic execution! Once again amazing job done with minimalistic, yet thoughtful design. That's how (simple) games should be done!

Yes, and the Set card game was inspired by the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (psychology)

Deleted post

Interesting. Do you mean a custom grid size or a custom grid shape?